Earn while you learn...

Second year students are working in the field, gaining professional experience, and earning while they continue their Yoga Therapy and Natural Medicine education. Study groups, teaching opportunities, mentoring activities, and other career development enhancements are built into the program so you can continue to hone your teaching skills, discuss your progress with your peers, and continue to grow as educators.

With the popularity of Yoga continually increasing, the public is more savvy about what they expect from classes and services. They are no longer asking, where can I find a Yoga class, but what can Yoga do for my headache; how can I prevent sports injuries, and how can it help me get to sleep? This two-year Yoga therapy program gives you the thorough training in anatomy, advanced Yoga and meditation, instructional design, therapeutic treatment, and teaching methodology for diverse populations so you can offer programs and classes to clients looking for holistic, time-tested and effective techniques to restore health and balance in their lives.


Yoga Therapy Training

As you progress through your program, you will become a better educator, teaching Yoga therapy, creating a variety of workshops, and instructing diverse populations and specialized groups. A good therapist is actually a better teacher; you will guide your students and clients, teaching them techniques and new perspectives so they can heal themselves.  Now when your students ask questions about pain management, you can not only answer their questions, but you can also create a series of workshops around that topic.  When you are teaching women, you are not just offering a routine that may relieve PMS, you are designing classes that take into account the differences of age, the perspective of multiple cycles, reproductive health, the ten bodies and subtle anatomy, and much more.  When you are presenting yourself as a Yoga teacher and therapist, you are not only able to teach in gyms or studios, but also in clinics, wellness centres, in conjunction with holistic practitioners, in elderly care facilities, athletic training centres  and other professional settings.

In year two, there is more emphasis on leadership, communication, public speaking and presentation, mentoring year one students, career development, networking, practice teaching, peer reviews, Yoga therapy practicum, participation and administration in the clinic, as well as community service.  Showing up for study groups, clinical observations, teaching at the school and online, assistance in the free kitchen, organizing practicum and clinic events all give students abundant opportunities to develop leadership skills and interact with diverse populations.

Students continue to have a well-rounded education with in-class seminars for both theory and practice, independent study for research, assignments, daily Yoga and meditation practice, and applications of in-class lessons; and most importantly a thorough practicum where students develop Yoga therapy lesson plans, teach classes, courses for specialized groups, and program series for long-term clients; observe their peers and experts in the field, take tests, participate in the Yoga therapy clinic, complete self and peer evaluations and apply research to their practical experiences.

An important part of your clinic requirement is to experience Yoga therapy and an integrative approach to wellness first hand.  You will attend sessions with Yoga therapists and other approved practitioners throughout your program.  This experience provides an important foundation to understand healing as a holistic process so that you can better guide others through their own process of healing.

Graduates are well-positioned for immediate success as you have been working and networking with professionals in the field during your clinical observations and practicum training; you have been trained to be a team player and understand an integrative approach to wellness and therapy; and you have unique training in the ten bodies which gives you a dynamic approach to seeing the healing and transformational potential in all people in all situations.

Year Two Program – Yoga Therapy Training

20 credits

Prerequisite: Completion of Year One - Yoga Teacher Training

Outline of courses and credits:

Semester 1 (6 Credits)

Live In-class Courses

1.      Advanced Yoga and Meditation
2.      Yoga Specializations I (men, children, couples)
3.      Yoga Specializations I (elderly, special needs, athletes)
4.      Women’s Studies
5.      Holistic Nutrition & Ayurveda
6.      Medical Yoga 

Each of the above courses is approximately 36 hours, and one credit


Semester 2  (6 Credits)

Live In-class Courses

1.      Yoga Therapy and CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicine): Combining the Sciences
2.      Manual Therapy
3.      Energy Healing
4.      Yogic Counselling
5.      Leadership, Communication and Business
6.      Pre- and Post-natal Yoga therapy

Each of the above courses is approximately 36 hours, and one credit


Prior to Semester THREE

  • Successful completion of semesters One and Two

Semester THREE   (3 Credits)

Live In-Class Course:

1.      Creating Lesson Plans  (36 hours, 1 credit)

Practicum Program:

2.      Supervised Practicum: Teaching and Evaluation – Classes (1 credit)
3.      Supervised Practicum: Teaching and Evaluation – Workshops (1 credit)


Prior to Semester FOUR

  • Successful completion of semesters ONE, TWO, and THREE

Semester FOUR   (3 Credits)

Practicum Program:

1.      Unsupervised Practicum: Teaching and Evaluation – Classes  (1 credit)
2.      Unsupervised Practicum: Teaching and Evaluation – Workshops (1 credit)

Individual Project:

3.      Research Project (1 credit)

Online Course  (2 Credits)
Akar Jantri Numerology, Year Two

Tuition Year Two

Yoga Therapist Training: Qualifies graduates to teach specialized Yoga classes and a wide variety of workshops.

Tuition fees:    $6,570.00 + GST

Other Costs:
Additional fees apply for text books, supplies, required activities and extra curricular programming, practicum, clinic sessions, and examinations


There is an enhanced program that is a requirement for the full six year program, Practitioner of Yogic Natural Medicine: Train the Trainer. This program is available to year one Yoga Therapy students, and it is recommended that you enroll in this course, especially if you have goals to further your professional education.

Train the Trainer          $2,400.00 + GST

For payment plan options, contact Admissions at admissions@amarayogaschool.com or 416-985-6698.

"The Amara Yoga School programs are phenomenal! It put all of the ten aspects of my Self into perspective and allowed me to relate to myself and others in ways I never thought possible. In just two weeks I was able to see concrete results in my marriage and embark on a new career path. I am looking forward to sharing this knowledge with others." N. Degagne