Yoga Educator Training

This two year program is your first step in growing a successful career as a professional educator- as a Yoga Teacher, Therapist or as a Practitioner of Yogic Natural Medicine - in the Yoga industry.

From day one, you will learn valuable skills so you can begin to lead, speak, teach and heal in all aspects of your life and work. You are going to grow in new ways, put the art and science of Yoga to work for you in your daily life and very soon, know how to apply it for the lives of others.

You will graduate with the confidence to present yourself as a teacher and educator, with a remarkable repertoire of knowledge, skill, and experience in Yoga; professional materials and resources, and the understanding of how to continue your own practice and learning.  You are ready to begin teaching, earning, and taking the next step, whatever that may be for you.

There are no pre-requisites. This entry-level program is a great place to start even if you are a novice to Yoga Therapy. You learn everything you need step by step, experiencing Yoga for yourself as an organic and transformational process; understanding the technical aspects of Yoga through gross and subtle anatomy, physiology and kinesiology; then studying the elements of Yoga such as postures, breath, relaxation and meditation; exploring the art of communication, observation, listening, and assessment, and finally practicing lesson plans, instructional design and teaching classes and workshops.


"Immediate, tangible results, experienced daily and each moment have been the evidence of how training at the Amara Yoga School has impacted my life positively and profoundly. My communication, self awareness, and leadership skills have improved dramatically; I am experiencing more positive results at home and at work.My health and well being have improved, and with the tools I have acquired in the School training programs I now have the confidence to achieve my goals."

P. Koine


Yoga Educator Training

Two Years


There are live program entry points in the fall, winter, spring and summer. Contact admissions to discuss your timeline or 416.985.6698.

Outline of Courses:

Prior to your first course

  • Orientation
  • Reading Logs
  • Personal Assessment Assignment
  • Ten Body Vocabulary Assignment
  • Online Course Materials Review


Yoga Educator Part One   (6 credits)

Live In-Class and Online Courses:

Section One - All About Yoga
1.  Yoga 101 (terminology, history, philosophy, eithics, important figures, Yoga therapy)
2.  Lifestyle (humanology, nutrition, sadhana, seva, integrative medicine)
3.  Movement and Anatomy of Yoga
4.  Yoga Energy Systems and Vocabulary (meridians and energy, nadis and pranas, tattvas and gunas, chakras and bandhas)

Section Two - Ten Bodies and Twelve Yogas
1.  The Anatomy and Behaviour of a Human
2.  The Expression and Integration of the Self
3.  Yoga for the Body, Mind and Enlightenment
4.  Yoga of Universal Sound, Energy and Love

Section Three - Hatha Yoga
1.  Hatha - 24 Postures A
2.  Hatha - 24 Postures B
3.  Hatha - 6 Routines A
4.  Hatha - 6 Routines B

Section Four - Kundalini Yoga
1.  General Postures
2.  12 Kriyas A
3.  12 Kriyas B
4.  6 Kriyas C

Section Five - Breathing, Relaxation and Meditation
1.  Breathing and Relaxation
2.  The Art of Meditation
3.  Mudras and Mantras
4.  Applied Meditations

Section Six - Putting It All Together
1.  Specialized Yoga (women, men, and children)
2.  Stress Reduction
3.  Yoga Labs
4.  Daily Practice (at work, at home, on the go)

Practical - Yoga Classes
1.  6 Kundalini Classes
2.  6 Hatha Classes

Each of the above six sections has four courses, comprised of six two-hour classes = 288 hours, plus twelve Yoga classes = 300 hours. Plan on at least 300 hours of independent study, practice and projects. 600 hours.


Yoga Educator Part Two  

Live In-Class and Online Courses:

Section One - Education
1.  Teaching Methodology (instructional design, planning, education models)
2.  Communication (voice, listening, writing, learning styles, connection, public speaking)
3.  Working with Diverse Populations
4.  Leadership and Service

Section Two - Teaching Yoga - mind, body and breath
1.  Breathing and Relaxation
2.  Meditation
3.  Energy and Bandhas
4.  Anatomy and Physiology

Section Three - Teaching Hatha Yoga
1.  Hatha - Teaching Methodology (class structure, warm-ups, sequencing)
2.  Hatha - Creating Routines
3.  Hatha - Teaching Postures
4.  Teaching Routines

Section Four - Teaching Kundalini Yoga
1.  Kundalini - Teaching Methodology (class structure, warm-ups, meditation)
2.  Kundalini - Teaching Exercises
3.  Kundalini - Teaching Kriyas A
4.  Teaching Kriyas B

Section Five- Labs for the Teacher
1.  Meditation Lab (class structure, warm-ups, sequencing)
2.  Teaching Lab
3.  Anatomy Lab
4.  Practice and Discipline of a Teacher

Section Six - Business of Education
1.  Teaching Workshops
2.  Business, Ethics and Marketing
3.  Multimedia
4.  Professional Profile and Resources

Practical - Yoga Classes
1.  6 Kundalini Classes
2.  6 Hatha Classes

Each of the above six sections has four courses, comprised of six two-hour classes = 288 hours, plus twelve Yoga classes = 300 hours. Plan on at least 300 hours of independent study, practice and projects. 600 hours.


Prior to Practicum

  • Successful completion of Yoga Educator Parts One and Two
  • CPR certification

Practicum Program

1.  Pre-practicum exams
2.  Supervised Peer Practicum: Lesson Preparation, Peer Organization, Teaching, Participation and Evaluation
3.  Supervised Public Practicum: Lesson Preparation, Marketing, Administration, Teaching, Participation, Observation and Evaluation
4.  Unsupervised Public Practicum: Lesson Preparation, Marketing, Administration, Professional Development and Presentation, Teaching, Participation, Observation and Evaluation
5.  Mentor Review and Assessment at each phase. Additional assignments, classes and study may be assigned.



Tuition Yoga Educator Program

Yoga Educator Program: Qualifies graduates to teach Ten Body Kundalini Yoga and Ten Body Hatha Yoga

Tuition fees:    $6,480.00 + GST

Practicum Fee $500 +GST
Exam Fee $300 +GST
Graduation Fee $200 +GST
Section, Course or Workshop Cancellation Fee $300 +GST (if less than 90 days written notice by student)
Exam Rescheduling Fee $200 +GST (due to failure, lateness or absence)
Distance Exam Fee $200 +GST (in addition to exam fee). Any shipping or long distance charges are paid by the student.
Transcript Fee $25 +GST plus any delivery costs
Reactivation Fee $500 +GST
Extension Fee $500 +GST
Make-up Fees: Students pay additional tuition or tutorial fees for repeating any class, course, section or program.

Other costs:
Additional fees apply for textbooks, supplies, required activities and extra curricular programming, CPR, clinic, and internships.


Enhanced program: Train the Trainer Mentoring Program
This program is available after one year of the Yoga Educator Program
Tuition $2,400 +GST


For payment options, contact Admissions at or 416-985-6698.